Binance Dual Savings: New crypto investment product!

Binance is constantly launching new investment instruments aimed at its customers. Yesterday Binance announced Dual Savings, a new way to get interest from your crypto savings.

Binance Dual Savings
Yesterday Binance released a press release where it revealed the launch of Binance Dual Savings, a clear opportunity to get more money from our crypto savings.

The press release begins by asking us: “Have you always wanted to grow your cryptosavings holdings with Binance Savings, only to end up not moving forward because you are worried about how the market will move in the near future? Then we have a solution for you”.

As he has been demonstrating, the world’s largest exchange listens to its customers. Therefore, Binance Dual Savings is a new cryptomoney investment product created by Binance Pools.

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What do you offer again?
Basically, the release explains that, with Binance Dual Savings, you can compromise your holdings in cryptosavings and ensure a savings return. However, unlike the previous service, you can now earn even more if you increase the market price of your crypt holdings.

Yes, the return you see on your savings will be directly linked to how the crypto market has moved since the day you invested your crypto.

“No matter what happens to the market, you win,” promises the Binance Twitter ad.

“If the market price of your crypto currency holdings increases, so that your profits exceed the savings rate, you will get the higher amount,” explains Binance.

While, if not (if the market price falls or your earnings do not exceed the savings rate), “you will still get the return on your savings.

At the moment Binance is launching the new crypto service for Bitcoin Loophole and BUSD.

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