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How to play with two players using Nintendo Switch

This wikiHow will show players how to play the two-player game on the Nintendo Switch. You can play a 2 players game with the joy-con controllers that are turned upside down either one player may play with the joy-con controller while another can play with the pro-controller.


  1. The joy-con controllers must be removed. To detach the joy-con controllers, take Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch and turn it upside down. Hold and press the round button at to the rear of the joy-con’s controller next towards the ZL or ZR buttons. Move the joy-con upwards to remove it. Repeat the process for the joy-con controller on opposite side.
  2. Connect the Joy-con straps. The straps are thin pieces, with two buttons and a wrist strap. The joy-con straps feature a “+” or “-” engraving across the top. It is aligned to both the “+” and “-” buttons on the joy-con controller. Slide the opening on the lower end of the strap across the track on the other side of the joy-con until it is snapped back into the right position.
    • To take off the joy-con straps pull the gray tab on the end of the strap, and then slide it upwards to take it off.
    • If one of the players uses one controller that is a pro, the second participant can put both joy-cons into the controller holder, which turns the joy-cons into one controller.
  3. Click on the joy-con. This icon that appears on your homescreen which looks like a joy-cone is an option for setting the settings of your controller. It is here that you can arrange the controllers for two people.
    • You can pick objects on Nintendo Switch by tapping them on the screen or by navigating towards them using the controller. Press “A”.
  4. Select Order/Change Grip. It’s the first option on the settings menu of the controller.
  5. Press R + L On both the controllers. If you’re using joy-cons to play with two players, flip both joy-cons upside down using one of the sticks to left. Use both buttons (R and L) at one of the sides of the strap. If you’re using an official controller or another controller then click R & L on both controllers you wish to use.
  6. Choose a two-player game. There are a number of games for two players available on Nintendo Switch. It is possible to purchase games through the Nintendo eShop or in a retail store. Look up the details on the back or on the page with information on the Nintendo eShop to determine the number of gamers the game is able to support.
  7. Choose two-player option. When you get to the screen that displays the title in the game choose the two player mode to begin a two-player game.